My First Nationals Tournament!

Come Saturday I’ll be joining a bunch of X-Wing players for what I believe to be Australia’s largest X-Wing event yet! Last I heard there were about 140 sign ups. Other countries may scoff at that, but we’re pretty proud of ourselves down under. Before I continue I’d like to point out why I’ve been […]

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The Veterans Have Arrived

On the last day in June, we supposedly sophisticated Melbournites stopped drinking coffee for just a moment and got our well moisturised & manicured hands on to the newest expansion for X-Wing – The Imperial Veterans! Here’s a glimpse of what you get!     There’s a lot to take in in this expansion. So […]

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Victorian Regionals Batreps

So I’m bored at work with not a lot to do at the moment. My head is pounding (or was, I got Pathology blaring in my ears to cure that)  and I’m pretty tired all thanks to a fantastically long day at the regionals yesterday. I got a half decent sleep for once and I […]

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Conquest, Easter and Triumph

Before I begin, I feel a disclaimer is in need here. I’m not normally the kind of person to publicise my opinions about certain organisations or people through written mediums when they can be considered offensive. Normally I just say them out loud! kekekekeke… There’s going to be some less than nice things to say […]

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